At Advanced Dentistry of Auburn we strive to provide our patients with the best dentistry in the timeliest manner. CEREC allows us to accomplish that with amazing precision and strength. CEREC is an advanced digital impression system, design software and CAD/CAM milling unit that allows crowns and partial crowns to be completed in one visit. Here are our top reasons we are a CEREC office.

1) No temporaries/one visit

Traditional crowns require an initial visit for the preparation of the broken tooth. At this visit an impression is taken and sent to a lab. During this time a temporary crown is worn. Temporary crowns can come off, break or not last the two weeks necessary for the lab to fabricate the crown. This can lead to sensitivity or drifting of the tooth or adjacent teeth. A second visit is then needed to place the crown and make adjustments. With CEREC technology the permanent crown is fabricated in the office while the patient waits comfortably in the chair. The whole process from the time the patient arrives at the office to the time they leave with their new crown averages about 2 hours.

2) Less invasive

Teeth that would traditionally require a full crown, where a large amount of the tooth is removed in order to replace the broken or failing part of the tooth, can often be restored with an onlay (partial crown) with the use of CEREC technology. An onlay replaces only the parts of the tooth that are failing and saves the remaining tooth structure that is still sound. The porcelain piece fits in like a “jigsaw puzzle piece” and bonds to the tooth, strengthening the broken part and stabilizing the tooth. This allows us to save your natural tooth (which is better than anything we can replace it with).

3) Full control

CEREC allows the doctor to be in full control of the crown fabrication process. From preparing the tooth, to designing the restoration digitally, to milling the restoration, the doctor is in charge of every step ensuring that you get a perfect fit with the tooth and the teeth surrounding it. This allows for fewer post-appointment adjustments and a crown tha looks and feels very natural.

4) Strength of material

CEREC crowns can be fabricated from many different types of porcelain all designed to work optimally in specific situations. These materials are very strong and durable. Because traditional porcelain crowns are “stacked” using a powder and water paste to slowly build up the crown, inherent weakness are introduced due to this layering technique along with a non uniform quality. CEREC uses prefabricated blocks of porcelain that are regulated, precise and machine made, leading to a very uniform and strong material.

5) Bonded restoration

Traditional dental crowns are cemented in place relying in the friction created between the tooth and crown to stay on. CEREC uses a high strength bonding material to create a stronger, highly sealed, long lasting restoration.

If you have any questions about this amazing technology or how it works, please call or stop by. We would love to give you a demonstration.