Lasers for dentistry

Did You Say Laser?

Patients are always a little surprised when I tell them that “I am going to grab the laser,” but at Advanced Dentistry of Auburn we are committed to providing excellent dental care using the most up to date technology. A dental laser is another one of our tools that allows us to achieve this goal. A dental laser uses a narrow band of light energy to perform a specific task and by adjusting the settings; these lasers can be used for a variety of purposes that aid and in the healing, decontamination and esthetic outcome of dental treatment.

Treatment of gum disease- Periodontitis (gum disease) is an infection in the supporting structure around teeth. These infections lead to chronic inflammation and eventually the loss of bone surrounding the tooth. The bacteria that cause this infection are attached to the tooth and also infiltrate the tissue in the pocket next to the tooth. Our dental laser is used to decontaminate these pockets by removing the inflamed tissue and removing the bacteria that it is harboring. By adding this treatment to our standard protocol for treating gum disease, we are able to increase healing while causing minimal to no pain after procedure.

Tissue re-contouring for esthetic enhancement– A sometimes overlooked area of dental esthetics is the shape and location of the gums surrounding your teeth. Gums that have developed in a non-ideal location can lead to the appearance of smaller or misshapen teeth. Using the dental laser to re-contour these defects, a dramatic improvement can be made in a smile with a very minimally invasive procedure. This is often used in conjunction with other esthetic treatment such as veneers to achieve a complete smile enhancement.

Reduce discomfort of canker and cold sores– Cold sores and canker sores typically last 7-10 days and can be very painful as they run their course. Typical treatment is topical medication to limit discomfort. Using the light energy from our dental laser in 2-3, 5 minute, sessions, we are able to remove the discomfort and aid in the healing of these lesions.

There are many other great uses for the laser and we would love to discuss these dental care options with you. Please call or stop by for a demonstration or just to say hi.


Dr. Evan Kania

Advanced Dentistry of Auburn

The CEREC machine in action milling a crown

Top 5 Reasons to Choose CEREC

At Advanced Dentistry of Auburn we strive to provide our patients with the best dentistry in the timeliest manner. CEREC allows us to accomplish that with amazing precision and strength. CEREC is an advanced digital impression system, design software and CAD/CAM milling unit that allows crowns and partial crowns to be completed in one visit. Here are our top reasons we are a CEREC office.

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Family and Friends Night at ADofA

We had a great weekend here at Advanced Dentistry of Auburn. We celebrated the opening of our new office while welcoming friends and family locally and from out of state. It was especially exciting for Dr. Kania as his 93 year old Grandfather traveled from Utah for the event. Dr. William Miller was Dr. Kania’s inspiration to become a dentist. It was very moving for Dr. Kania to have his grandfather there to see his new practice. If you didn’t get to make it to the event, or are just interested in seeing the office, please come by.




National Dental Hygiene Month

The month of October is National Dental Hygiene month and it is another great time for a reminder about the importance of good oral hygiene. NDHM is centered around the 4 main components of great oral health:

  1. Brushing for at least 2 minutes, 2 times a day
  2. Flossing once a day
  3. Using an anti-microbial mouth rinse daily
  4. Chewing sugar free gum after meals

These four components can dramatically improve oral hygiene and significantly reduce the risk of cavities and developing periodontal disease.  If you have any trouble with these components talk with your dentist or hygienist, and if you don’t have one, give us a call.

Happy brushing!!!!