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CEREC Same Day Crowns

At Advanced Dentistry of Auburn we know your dental health is important, and we know that your time is important, too. Because of this, we offer the highest quality crowns in the shortest amount of time.
Using the CEREC process, we are able to fabricate your all porcelain crown in just two hours from the time you take a seat in the chair, to the time you say goodbye. CEREC utilizes a special camera to take a digital impression of your mouth. The CEREC software then helps design your individual crown. The dentist is able to modify and adjust each crown on the computer so that once fabricated, it fits perfectly. The CEREC milling unit then mills your crown from a solid block of strong porcelain. This technology allows us the ability to provide extra strong, highly esthetic crowns in a very minimal amount of time. There is no need for gooey impression material or bothersome temporary crowns.

CEREC dentistry also allows for a much more conservative approach to restoring teeth. Teeth that in the past may have needed a crown due to chips, cracks or cavities may now be candidates for inlays/onlays. This procedure uses a small piece of strong porcelain to restore only the damaged portion of the tooth while the healthy portions remain intact. Think of it as a small porcelain puzzle piece that fits in to replace only the necessary portion. This limits the need for full coverage crowns (that require much more tooth be removed) and gives much more life to a tooth.

Some people are concerned about the quality and durability of a “Same day Crown” compared to a “conventional” lab fabricated crown. There is no difference between the quality of a same day crown and a conventional crown. However, CEREC crowns are made faster due to the computer aided design and manufacturing. The computer fabricates the crown to an extremely high degree of accuracy and allows the dentist to be in control of every aspect of its fabrication. The durability of a crown depends on the material used for its fabrication. Lab crowns and CEREC crowns can be made from many different materials, some stronger than others. In some cases, gold crowns (due to their strength and durability) may be an alternative for teeth that are not typically visible. Many patients choose CEREC all porcelain crowns because of their high esthetic value and ease of matching to surrounding natural teeth. Ultimately, the choice belongs to the patient, but it is the dentist’s responsibility to provide information and recommendations so that the best treatment decisions are made.

Digital X-Rays

At ADofA we use the highest quality digital x-rays available. This system uses the lowest radiation possible and gives us the best image. The benefits of a low radiation digital system are:

• Safety: Due to the digital sensory being extremely sensitive, the system can use a much lower amount of radiation. Our digital system uses 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays.

• Quality: The digital sensor is able to see details that conventional X-rays cannot, the image can be magnified up to 300x and the contrast can be adjusted to reveal aspects not seen on typical X-rays.

• Speed: Images are available immediately after being taken, no need for processing.

• Environment: No hazardous waste produced because the system does not need hazardous chemicals for processing and developing.

• Sharing: These images are easily shared throughout the office or can be sent digitally to specialists to avoid retaking images at another office, all while maintaining the same quality.